Five Reasons I Love Living In Massachusetts

I have lived in Massachusetts all of my life and I cannot imagine moving to another state. While it has its downsides, like brutal winters and die-hard sports fans who get a little rowdy, I live the place. There are so many things about it that make it difficult for me to consider anywhere else home.

1. Transportation

I do not know how to drive, so living in an area that has a good transportation system is important to me. Not only can I get around the city I live in by bus, but it is possible to get to nearly every town in the state using the mass transit system here.

2. Four Distinct Seasons

Yes. The idea of cold winters is a turn off for some, but I like having four distinct seasons. There is nothing appealing about opening Christmas gifts then heading to the beach after that. I need to look forward to seasonal changes and embrace them as they come.

3. Family

I have family all over the country, but my immediate family lives here. While some people cannot wait for the day when they move away and start their own lives elsewhere, I love the idea of being close enough to my family that they can see me when they like.

4. Limited Chain Restaurants

Visiting the Midwest earlier this year was so shocking to me, especially when I saw the number of chain restaurants that were all over the place. I am not saying that Massachusetts does not have any, but they are more focused on restaurants that have one location and serve food that does not sit underneath a heat lamp all day. This means that you can avoid all of the temptation of eating countless calories in a sitting.

5. Walkability

I love walking around my city and the state of Massachusetts makes it easy to do so. There are paths all over the place for people who want to walk to their destinations. It is also possible for me to get to a bunch of things by foot. That alone makes this location ideal.

I am sure there may be other places with some of these attributes, but I will stick with Massachusetts. This combination of factors will make it impossible for me to completely satisfied if I decided to go live in another state.