Gardening Tips For Massachusetts

Whether you are planning on growing beautiful flowers or producing your own fruits and vegetables, starting a garden in Massachusetts can be a rewarding hobby. Despite the fact that winters can be cold in this part of the country, it is still possible to grow a wide variety of plants. To get the best results, try using these tips:

* Know your growing zone. The USDA has devised a series of growing zones that make it easy to tell what plants will grow well in your climate. There are several different zones located in the state of Massachusetts. Based on your ZIP Code, find out what growing zone your region falls into. That way, you can choose plants that will thrive in your area.

* Wait to plant until after the threat of frost has passed. Depending on where you live within the state, this is usually sometime around the end of April or May. You should be able to tell by finding out the typical frost dates for your growing zone.

* Choose plants that are native to the area. One of the best ways to have success with a garden is by opting for plants that naturally grow in your region. These plants obviously have what it takes to thrive in your climate since they grow their naturally. By creating a garden that is based around native plants, you can not only improve the likelihood that they will grow but can also minimize the amount of water, fertilizer, and other resources that you need to keep them alive.

* Consider starting seeds indoors. Planting your seeds inside before the growing season actually begins can give them a good head start when it comes time to transplant them. This is especially important if you live in one of the cooler parts of Massachusetts where the growing season is quite short. If you prefer, you can also find inexpensive greenhouses that you can use to protect plants early in the season. Investing in one of these greenhouses can be a great way to create a space where you can grow plants for many years to come.

When it comes to gardening, Massachusetts is a great place to be. Even though the climate is not particularly warm, there are so many beautiful plants that grow well in the area. By planning your garden primarily around native plants and using the other tips in this article, you should be able to get excellent results that you can be proud of.